What do we do exactly?

We optimise customer journeys. Our very own Customer Journey model covers all bases from attract, capture, nurture, to close. Bohemia Amsterdam improves the customer journey for both B2B and B2C clients. Here are a few examples:


We attract the right visitors.


With reNature we show how your message can be rooted in the name. After all, the first contact with a brand is in the name. The purpose of reNature is to restore nature through Agroforestry.

Discover how reNature grew into a movement

We give them what they are looking for.


Bohemia Amsterdam devised and developed  "Boswachterspaden" for Staatsbosbeheer. The Boswachterspaden are routes based on the paths taken by local foresters, downloadable from 5 km. Wil and Wouter want to walk so they'll gladly provide their email addresses in exchange for a scenic forest trek.

how your persona will find their way to offline

We keep them involved.


If you are a new player in the market such as the Indian tyre brand CEAT, you want your target audience to remember your name. We provide farmers and dealers in Germany, Spain, and the UK with a landing page to learn about what CEAT has to offer.

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We seal the deal.


Our goal is to increase the conversion along the customer journey. For NIMA, that meant more memberships. Consumers like simple choices which don't require extensive pondering. NIMA distilled and reduced their number of membership formats, and changed their name based on the advice of Bohemia Amsterdam.

read all about the full nima case here


the NIMA Master Course:

Sales funnel within the Customer Journey

  • From not knowing your audience to having a perfect online sales funnel in only five evening sessions.
  • Insight and practical hands-on tips for developing the best Customer Journey.
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what is a brilliant customer journey?


First: A Customer Journey are the steps through which the customer goes from first encounter to purchase. The needs of the customer are central. We develop journeys by, among other things, analysing customer behaviour, industry trends, and the technical execution on the various channels. There are four steps:


Understanding why someone embarks on the customer journey in the first place is key. What are the Initial Needs that ensure that he or she starts looking for your offer?


The traveller wants help in getting an answer to his or her Initial Needs. Only if what you're offering has value for them, will they be willing to get in touch.


The lead has shown interest in your brand, product or service. Once in contact, it is important to retain this interest, and to foster it.


If the previous phases are properly set up, the final sale is a matter of time. Working with Bohemia Amsterdam delivers leads to your front door.

this team and these steps ensure that brilliant journey.

With our team of digital natives, Bohemia Amsterdam developed the Customer Journey Canvas model. The model consists of five parts: The first is Onboarding, followed by Analysis, the Strategy, the Concept, and the Production. In these phases we analyse the journey, develop a strategy in which Buyer Personas play a central role, and devise a concept on the basis of User Stories.

Read more about customer journey optimisation.



  • A01 What is communicated?
    • A01a Brand Check
      A01b Content Structure
      A01c Social Media
      A01d Google Ads
  • A02 What happens in the Market?
    • A02a Keywords
      A02b Online Competition
  • A03 How does it influence Behaviour?
    • A03a Behaviour
      A03b SEO Audit
      A03c User Experience Audit
  • A04 Customer Journey Mapping
  • A05 Management Summary



C01 Campaign Concept
C02 Communication Concept
C03 Branding Concept


P01 User Stories
P02 Content Calendar
P03 Brand Components
P04 Web/App UX & Development
P05 Content Marketing
P06 Advertising
P07 Social Media Marketing
P08 Email Marketing
P09 Referral Marketing
P10 Marketing Automation
P11 Print/Offline
P12 Research & Testing


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Transparent workflow

We work with fixed agreements regarding the number of hours spent on our clients' projects per month. We provide complete transparency 24/7 about our hours spent by using Harvest project management.

NIMA master courses

Three times a year we give master courses for NIMA with our Customer Journey Canvas model. Under the leadership of Marco de Boer, all the ins and outs of our model are shared during 5 evenings and you can learn to apply our model. Want to know when the next master course starts? Stay up to date and Sign up for our 

Working agile

Sharp and smooth, we keeps thing agile by working in two-week sprints. All correspondence goes through Jira, which means our clients have direct access to the most up-to-date files and are always informed about the most recent developments.