5 Tricks to Creative Search Engine Optimization

5 Tricks to Creative Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Land Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors
Search Engine Land Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors

The above table breaks down search engine optimization to what it is, a science. So if you follow these rules is all your content SEO valid? Are you able to comfortably make your home at the top part of the SEO periodic table? You might have a doubt or two regarding the left On-The-Page column and all the Off-The-Page factors...

This is the part where creative minds are required. Because NO, not all content will give you a high Search Engine score. Especially B2B websites have a challenge when it comes to elements like quality content, hot topics, and visitor engagement.

Let’s go to the Lab and run some tests. We’d like to share some smart creative thinking with you to help you broaden your perspective on SEO.

5 creative tricks for Search Engine Optimization

1. Open up to comments

Have you ever thought of making your best-product page a place for comments? Your brand advocates will share their opinion and rate your product for free. Maybe even share the reason why they chose your product over that of your competition. By adding a platform for feedback you’ll make them happy by giving them a voice. They happy, you happy. Don’t be scared of negative feedback. It will provoke your fans to respond to it.

It will improve Ta (Authority) and Te (Engagement) in the Off-The-Page.

2. Make content for others to use on their site

Okay, so you want people to visit your website and not those of others. Yet, if you can combine forces and offer other sites content to use it will benefit your Google Search rating since you will have cross links to both sites. Think synergy.

These crosslinks strengthen Lq (Link Quality) and Ln (Number of Links) to your content. No surprise that the net is all about networking.

3. Connect the news

B2B product pages tend to remain the same for ages. Once visited there’s hardly any reason for a revisit unless you make your product page subject to regular updates. Just think about it: is there any news that you can act upon in updating your page and make it hot again?

It supports the idea that Google is sensitive to Cf (Fresh Content).

4. Rephrase your headlines to benefits

Good SEO ready HTML uses H1 and H2 headings. Now don’t waste those on ‘About Product Name’ or ‘High end service’ and then boringly continue explaining what the product is about or what you mean with service. You can also change the headline to ‘5 reasons why people bought Product name’ and ‘The best service in Orange county’. Why? Because you give reason and location to your website visit. You can see here how to use creative headlines on our page about Footstapp.

It will help Ca (Direct answers) and Cw (words people might search for).

5. Thicken your content

If you only have four lines of product or project description, Google will rank your content low. This trick is the most difficult one: coming up with more content. What else is there to say if you have already said all you know? First, think of questions your buyers throw at you on a daily basis. Clearly a lot of people have similar questions. These are the headers of your paragraphs. There you go: another 300 words of relevant content done.

This will put an end to Vt, a death sin in Content Marketing.

Use these creative solutions to your benefit and improve your SEO. Have a nice site.

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