Client Agency relationship

Client Agency relationship

In any relationship, a unique balance of factors must be struck for it to work. When we think of relationships, we usually think of marriage, boyfriends and girlfriends and so on. Wait a minute. What about the relationship between an agency and its clients? Now there’s one that’s not really thought nor talked about. Let’s have a look at what factors are the key to success for that relationship. Instead of our brand house, which shows five values that build a company, we will show you our brand heart with eight dimensions that make our relationships work. First, just like in the poem, there’s honesty. We at Bohemia don’t do the fake smile thing and believe honesty is the core to a healthy functioning relationship.

The brand house and the brand heart
The brand house and the brand heart

Let’s first address an obvious one right here: communication. A client and an agency cannot achieve the best results if one party is left in the dark. Knowledge, thoughts, information, ideas and opinions should all be expressed. By taking in the client’s side and then building a strategy from that point on, Bohemians try first to understand, and then to be understood.

Openness is another pillar for excellent results. Once communication is established and all that has been said and done is floating around in the room, it’s up to everyone how they choose to deal with it. Being open means you are willing to try new things; accepting views that are different to your own. Being open is what leads to novel approaches. Once you let your guard down, you let in creativity and innovation.

Visionary people tend to have a wide network of extraordinary minds surrounding them. Building up these knowledge bases of inspiration means maintaining dozens of relationships with extremely different people. The essential factor for this is respect. No matter how different these people are, or where their skills lie, we respect them.

Everyone enjoys a pat on the back or a “well done” every now and then. When you respect the people you work with, you are able to give them something we all desire: appreciation. Showing that you are thankful for somebody else’s efforts and expressing this gratitude keeps us motivated and leads us to do our best.

You may have heard this one before, but there’s a reason it gets repeated so much. Friendship is a big part of our relationships at Bohemia. Friendship can be packaged in a professional business form, no doubt, but it can also reach back a decade and usually goes well with a good beer. The simple knowledge of hey, I like you makes working together productive and fun along the way.

Over the course of a project some things may not go as planned. This is when you need to know that you can count on your significant other, or your team members. Responsibility is a part of our brand heart. This means standing up for your actions, in sickness and in health (in the advertising world that means in failure and viral victory). Success has many fathers, but failure is an orphan. Knowing you can count on somebody is a reassuring backbone in the client-agency relationship.

Understanding each other and working together are important, but when somebody puts the future of their business into your hands, the main thing is trust. Knowing that we are fighting on the same side and that the agency will do their utmost best, to help you help yourself, means complete trust. Having been around for 20+ years we at Bohemia Amsterdam have earned the trust of many clients because they know we like a challenge and that we are content when they are.

We hope you enjoyed this intimate tour of our brand heart. What does your brand heart look like?

Happy Valentine’s // Single’s Awareness Day from us at Bohemia Amsterdam!

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