Content Marketing Checklist

Content Marketing Checklist

At Bohemia Amsterdam we’re totally into content marketing. Despite the name this specific type of marketing isn’t just about great content, in this arena the numbers tell the tale. And those numbers can shock you. Do you know how many people are actually interested in your story? ...We bet you’d be surprised.

Want know if your content will reach those numbers? Check these boxes and call us if one of them remains open. Monsterboard Netherlands did.

Content marketing checklist

  • We have sufficient traffic to our site (not just the homepage).
  • We’re able to collect email addresses and client profiles through our website.
  • We are using sales software that enables us to monitor client behavior.
  • We have buyer personas.
  • We know exactly what our clients are looking for.
  • We have scalable and sharable content, like articles, white papers, and videos.
  • We have a content marketing team on-site.
  • We are following a bigger content marketing plan.

Happy campaigning!

We’d love to inspire you with the full story of Monsterboard’s content marketing case. Call us today.

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