How do you develop the ideal sales funnel?

How do you develop the ideal sales funnel?

This NIMA master course provides insight and practical hands-on tips for developing an optimal customer journey together with your team.

In five evenings, all steps of the Digital Customer Journey will be touched upon, up to and including the “purchase" phase. This master course, enriched with practical examples and clear analyses, places its emphasis on the sales funnel as part of the complete customer journey.

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Amongst others, you will get answers on: 

  • What a Digital Customer Journey is;
  • What the steps in the Journey are;
  • How to perform keyword analyses;
  • What insights you can get from Google Analytics;How to write a proposition;
  • What role buyer personas play;
  • How user stories lead to functionalities and content development;
  • What role design and technology play.



Session 1: Where does the Journey begin?

An extensive introduction provides the basis for this master course on the sales funnel as part of the Customer Journey. During the introduction, the difference between Pull and Push marketing, setting up a sales funnel, and the various components of the Bohemia Amsterdam Model will be discussed. The model always starts  a keyword analyses.

Session 2: What does online behaviour tell us?

The second session is about analysing and predicting online behaviour using both Google Analytics and artificial intelligence. On the basis of cases and different applications, we will discuss the question of how technology, design, and content can influence the conversion of the funnel both positively and negatively.

Session 3: How do you write a Digital Customer Journey strategy?

In the third session, developing a sales funnel strategy is discussed. Here, the Proposition and the Buyer personas play a crucial role. What influence does the brand promise have on the journey and who do we want to reach? These topics are highlighted with existing cases and input from the group.

Session 4: How do you translate a Strategy into SMART results?

The strategy is the key that can open the door to success. The fourth session discusses step by step how the strategy is translated into User Stories, Web & App UX Development, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Referral Marketing, thus leading to measurable results.

Session 5: How do I use Marketing Automation?

Once everything has been set up, it is time to automate certain parts of the funnel with which a direct result for marketing communication AND sales is guaranteed. In the last session, all parts of the model are revisited, with a focus on how they are interrelated.

This NIMA Master course is available in English (March 2020) and in Dutch (September 2020)

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