Stand out in the cluttered world of visual advertising with perfectly looped GIFs

Stand out in the cluttered world of visual advertising with perfectly looped GIFs

Personally, I enjoy imagining Morgan Freeman telling me all about which conditioner is best and that there's a special offer on spaghetti this week. You might even imagine these call to actions in a flashy spiked out speech bubble.

Annoying, right?
Annoying, right?

We are swamped with visuals everyday. This quantity is steadily increasing, which can be seen in social media for instance with facebook now having personalized ads and videos that have a mind of their own, deciding to autoplay on your newsfeed without you even having clicked on them.

All this visual stimuli is amazing, but it is also intense. The goal is attention grabbing- flashy, fast, and furious. When everyone is competing to grab your attention with more and more stunning tricks, this can result in over-stimulation of your senses. As the maximum point is surpassed you experience what is known as sensory overload.

So what can we do in a world where everyone is well-versed in making vicious blinking pop up ads?

We can sit back and relax.

This feels so zen
This feels so zen

Think about it: Quick and dirty attention grabbing is a short-lived moment of success in this over-saturated advertising world. In order to get somebody’s attention it is important to consider the value of being mesmerizing. As the author Matthew Henry pointed out, “After a storm comes a calm.”

Perfectly looped GIFS

It is time to focus on being fascinating, hypnotic, and mesmerizing. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of perfectly looped GIFs. These soundless clips usually serve to convey a highlight moment of a video or show the whole thing in less time. When GIFs are repeated and seamlessly connected, they are perfectly looped. They are visually satisfying, and perhaps most importantly, visually captivating.

Popular GIFs are often reposted in a perfectly looped version. Why? Because people demand it. We want to be hypnotized. Watching something perfectly looped is kind of like discovering that a puzzle piece fits in perfectly.

Our poor tired eyes are over exposed to screens and ads on a daily basis. The human brain craves variety and a change in pace is surely welcomed. It is time to go back to the simpler things in life; child-like fascination coupled with wonder and awe. Less is more.

So next time you want to grab a viewer’s attention, try to take it down a notch and save all your ideas involving neon, glitter, and that cover of a Kanye West song for next time. Try to distance yourself from that tunnel of flashing lights and signs we stride through everyday and instead be the hypnotic thing somebody walks past…and then takes three steps back to stand there and just watch it for a while, being mesmerized. Stand still to stand out.

Can't get enough? Go feast on this BuzzFeed article.

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