Social Media Marketing for Polish Telecom

Social Media Marketing for Polish Telecom



In the Netherlands alone, around 100,000 Polish expats work in construction and horticulture. They live in the country’s four largest cities. They shop at the Polish supermarket and visit Polish bars. They do not mingle with the Dutch all that much. Most of the time the workers are separated from their families; they emigrated to the Netherlands to support their families back home.

To reach a target group like the Polish you have to understand three basic rules:

1. Understand their situation

To reach them at the heart you have to understand their situation. In the Polish case they miss home. Their families live in Poland. Their telecom bill must be either skype or sky-high. At the same time they have to be reachable for Dutch employers and clients through a Dutch phone number. Many Polish workers run around having multiple phones, and therefore also multiple phone bills.

From the campaign we developed for DobryTel to reach Polish expats in the UK and Netherlands.
From the campaign we developed for DobryTel to reach Polish expats in the UK and Netherlands.

Here the Polish Telecom provider DobryTel saw an opportunity by developing a duo-phone holding two numbers, a Dutch and a Polish one. With this service they can call ‘local’ with their hometown and also ‘local’ with their Dutch contacts. The service actually makes calling so cheap that you could call anybody just to chitchat.

2. Speak their language

The next important fact you have to take into consideration: You literally have to speak their language. First: For a non-natives it is hard to truly feel the language. You might come close but to really feel it you have to be born in that language. Second: A native speaker is not a native copywriter. To write a copy that touches people is an art. We usually go for a native copywriter to make sure today’s slang is used and the copy doesn’t feel rusty or outdated.

Simply sending a call to action is not the same as email marketing. ~ Chesca Foe-A-Man, Strategist

3. Secure your mailing lists

Last simple rule: If by any chance your company email list is too short to have reasonable success with emailing, you might be tempted to buy records. This is a good option but also a potential disaster. Most lists are impersonal, not up to date, and of poor quality. You might lose money buying them with little to no result. It is better to come up with a campaign to build your own lists first. This will get you more engagement and recipient loyalty.

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