Fuel for Life magazine

Fuel for Life magazine

First question: Why would you as a company publish a magazine?

  • A magazine, specially on nice paper, has a sustainable high impact. It’s something people don’t easily toss away.
  • A magazine is the ultimate platform to communicate what you stand for. You’re the editor, you’re in charge.
  • A magazine is a brand on its own.
  • A magazine offers room for a vision that’s maybe not your own, yet something you’d like to share with the world.

Second question: What do you publish?

A good magazine has depth with interesting and diverse content that will be read again and again. In this case: The ‘Why’ of Frames , People Make The Difference, is represented by in-depth interviews with their staff since they are the company’s Fuel for Life. With Frames being in the Oil & Gas industry the title Fuel for Life has an obvious second meaning.

Fuel for Life magazine
Fuel for Life magazine

Third question: How do you link the company without making it tooooo obvious?

Fuel for Life contains a wide range of articles from human interest like gadgets and travel tips to branch specific subjects like skid’s and FPSO’s. Throughout the magazine the core values of Frames are indicated by one of five coloured blocks found on the right side of each page and also felt in the tone-of-voice of the articles. These core values are embodied in the magazine regardless whether the article is about Dutch design (Bart van Heesch , Hugo Timmermans ), young photographers (Henri Verhoef ), or an interview with a founder and advisory board member (Frank van Bossum).


The magazine was presented at the anniversary party and sent to 1500 contacts and employees of Frames worldwide. The reoccurring Fuel for Life is now a part of Frames’ communication to stakeholders.

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