Global campaign and white papers

Global campaign and white papers

Understanding the situation

To develop the best content strategy you have to understand the market in which your client operates. The company Frames designs, delivers, and constructs production units and systems for the international oil and gas market. Anyone with a little head capacity understands that in these times they are facing more than one or two challenges. The demand for cost efficiency is growing rapidly.

Adjusting content strategy to match demand

One of Frames’ key values is togetherness. They are open, honest, direct, and they like collaboration. This is translated in an open and honest campaign, admitting and responding to the fact that everybody in the oil & gas business is facing the same challenge.
Through sharing their know-how, Frames is able to show their clients and shareholders how they are handling cost reduction on specific subjects like topside FPSO and marginal fields. We wrote three white papers on cost reduction in these processes. They are placed on a dedicated campaign page .


We’re facing the same challenge.

Campaign and white paper results

In only 3 months the first two white papers reached over 600 downloads, which may sound like peanuts, but keep in mind it’s an extremely specific subject for a very narrow target group.

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