The almost always better alternative to diesel

The almost always better alternative to diesel

Every day, brands that bear the label 'sustainable' are created, each one more promising than the next. Many of these ideological brands have a relatively short life expectancy because they are not properly supported by a good proposition. This, of course, is a shame.

How do you position a sustainable brand?

The four handsome heads of Nordsol had figured out that a market for BioLNG was coming. They asked Bohemia Amsterdam to help develop its sustainable brand for BioLNG production.

BioLNG starts with LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas). However, BioLNG gas is of biological origin. This means it does not come from natural gas, but from, for example, fermented green waste.

In the near future, LNG and BioLNG can replace diesel as a fuel for everything that needs a lot of power to get moving, such as trucks and shipping. This is a huge improvement when it comes to emissions of harmful CO2 gas.

The Close-to-Yourself Proposition

You develop a brand based on a clear proposition. To refresh: A proposition is the promise about the value that can be expected from a product or service. The proposition must be relevant, sustainable, and distinctive. A good proposition forms the basis for communication, sales, and product development. It is self-evident that this promise must originate from somewhere close to yourself.

The men from Nordsol are realists. In their own words: The advantage of BioLNG cannot be guaranteed in all cases. So, the promise was created with a certain twist:

“In specific cases, Nordsol offers the best solution to benefit from the production of biogas.”


When drawing up a proposition, it is important to include personal interpretation in the promise. A proposition only comes alive if it also resonates on a personal level.

The Far-enough-to-stand-out Name

Together with Nordsol we determined the brand values and determined what the new name should stand for:

  • <naam> is a solution provider.
  • <naam> stands for quality.
  • <naam> is a partner.
  • <naam> moves people, traffic and big transport like trucks and vessels.

This is where the creative process begins. In the strategy phase, we determined that Nordsol stands both for being visionary and a determined commitment to making BioLNG mainstream. This commitment and vision for the future soon led to northern regions such as Finland, Sweden, and Norway for inspiration, but also to something rarely seen before: the elusive Nordsol (Noorderzon in Norwegian) was born.

NOR_rgb-vertical@72xThe ice crystal logo, outlined by six blue drops, enhances the Nordic feeling. To further suggest that Nordsol is not from the Netherlands, the site only uses images of remote roads in mountainous areas. The reason to add this 'Not-from-the-Netherlands feeling' to the brand is that we position Nordsol as innovative, visionary, and special. A little gem. We wanted to make that crystal clear. The logo was developed by our Sali Tabacchi team in Toronto.

One of Bohemia Amsterdam's strengths is developing sustainable brands. Discover the story behind reNature.

The All-in-one Page

A starter brand has no budget for extensive sites with tons of information and an advanced digital sales funnel. The sales are supported by the enthusiasm of the founders. The site only serves as a check to confirm that Nordsol is indeed a professional organisation. For example, half of the visitors on go directly to the About Us page - apparently, they only want to know who is behind Nordsol.


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