New marketing strategy for aatvos

New marketing strategy for aatvos

You want to attract the clients that fit your skills and niche. You need to employ the right marketing strategy to make that happen. Aat Vos wanted to attract more clients that are relevant for what he loves to do the most: guide creative processes that aim to improve social spaces. We used our Bohemia Amsterdam model to completely overhaul his positioning and marketing strategy.

Aat Vos, creative guide

Aat Vos as his own marketing strategy

During our Customer Journey workshop with Aat Vos we quickly realised Aat himself is the main reason clients work with him. You just need to work with Aat Vos to be confident he can bring about positive change. But the descriptor ‘creative guide’ is a little bit vague; prospects aren’t sure what they’ll be paying for. Our challenge was to show the added value Aat Vos has in his capacity as a creative guide.

Aat Vos working in Norway (Photo's Marco Heyda)
Aat Vos working in Norway (Photo’s Marco Heyda)

Defining a unique brand essence

Our first job: to make clear what a creative guide is and how organisations can benefit from working with Aat Vos. Through another workshop we dove in deep to define the proposition and brand essence. What unique qualities does Aat Vos have that set him apart from other architects and allow him to positioning himself as a creative guide? In the workshop the answer became crystal clear. The new brand essence of Aat Vos:

Drawing Clarity.

This brand essence underscores Aat Vos’ ability to make new connections and come up with solutions by coloring outside the lines. It also fits in perfectly with the needs of his buyer persona: clarity and leadership. ‘Drawing Clarity’ is the core from which we derive all our marketing activities.

3rd4ALL: How to Create a Relevant Public Space
3rd4ALL: How to Create a Relevant Public Space

Bringing the marketing strategy to life

With a solid strategy in place we polished up Aat Vos’ branding to better reflect his brand essence and we developed his new website One key part of the new website is the blog, where Aat Vos can share his vision on developments in the field.

Aat Vos also published a book: 3rd4all; How to Create a Relevant Public Space. In this book he shares his knowledge and vision on public spaces. Our Creative Director Marco de Boer guided the development of the book. By linking blog posts to the book, the book is now an integral part of Aat Vos’ complete sales & customer journey.

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