A protest campaign

A protest campaign


  • Increase website traffic
  • Put Wereldtickets.nl on the map of ticket providers

Target group

  • Everyone who’s searching online for (cheap) flight tickets


In a competitive market, it’s hard to get noticed with little resources. The competition is battling for market share with large campaigns. Therefore, with the little means wereldtickets.nl has, they have to really stand out in order to get noticed. They have to pull a small stunt and make use of social media to reach the set target group.

So let’s crush the competition and showcase that they’re not as cheap as they claim.


The chosen concept ‘Protest’ is based on the fact that the competition is adding costs to the fare in extra layers. We say K.I.S.S.: Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Let’s tell the truth; “The cheapest tickets are wereldtickets.nl”. We do this confidently, free of frills and wild colors, but as large as possible.

In the elaboration of this concept, the images of people holding placards come into focus on top of competitors’ ads. These placards stand out against a background where the colors, fonts and logos of competitors can be seen.

A protest campaign
A protest campaign
A protest campaign
A protest campaign


For days Wereldtickets was a trending topic on Twitter. People tweeted about the billboards and the annoying radio commercial . During the campaign site visits and bookings on Wereldtickets.nl increased 8 times.

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