Reaching SME

Reaching SME

Small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) owners today have but one angst: being ‘off line’ when their client wants to pay.
These days clients don’t bring in cash to pay for things anymore. The chances that the client will go elsewhere to shop if the payment machine says No are a 8 out of 10 . Helden Van Nu therefore offers a new service: Altijd Pinnen. This means that even if your provider has a melt down, the connection of Helden will automatically take care of the payment connection.

How to reach owners of SME?

Owners of small and medium enterprises (Dutch MKB) are hard working folks. They live for their business. It’s Customer First 24/7. They don’t hesitate when their clients have strange requests. “You’d like to send over this broccoli as a birthday present? No problem, I’ll wrap it for you,” or “You want a cappuccino with goat milk? Sure,” What about ‘a vegetarian Pasta Carbonara’? The answer will be, “Give the chef 10 minutes.”

Helden Van Nu understands this high end service like no other.

Radio commercial on BNR

Bohemia Amsterdam recorded two radio commercials for the Altijd Pinnen campaign. One radio commercial for shop owners and one for hotel and restaurant owners, below.

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