reNature from Keyword Analysis to World Player

reNature from Keyword Analysis to World Player

The Power of a well-thought-out Customer Journey.

In 2017, Marco de Boer and Felipe Villela laid the first stepping stone of what would grow into a global player in the sustainable agricultural sector in just two years: reNature.

reNature promotes, develops and maintains regenerative agroforestry projects. With this sustainable way of farming, reNature combats the most urgent challenges in the agricultural sector: climate change, poverty, loss of biodiversity and lack of food security.

renature-case-study-TEDx-felipe-villela-bohemia-amsterdamTEDx Amsterdam, Dec 3rd, 2018

In the first two years, reNature managed to secure its place among the other established players. reNature's communication efforts generated 30,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram, 2,500 followers on LinkedIn and made it possible to give presentations at events such as TEDx Amsterdam, Me.Convention Frankfurt and ChangeNOW Paris. Instead of shoveling and then groveling for attention, reNature’s physical projects were made possible by first setting up a successful communication strategy. How we tell you here.

You develop
a successful brand from the perspective 
of the Customer Journey.

Customer Journey Thinking

If you work from the Customer Journey perspective, you put all your external communication at the service of the (buyer) personas, which are often the end-users, customers or stakeholders. What do they want, what do they need, what do they care about, what problem do they want solved? Next, the great challenge is to authentically interweave the wishes of the persona with your proposition.

First: Be relevant.

Perhaps this induces an eye-roll or two but without relevance, you will not get far. Therefore, focus on the needs of the end-user and work from that idea.

The creation of reNature

When Felipe Villela passionately told his story about Ernst Götsch and Agroforestry during a TFF event in Amsterdam, Marco de Boer asked why this sustainable farming method was so unknown. Three months later they founded reNature together. Agroforestry had to become mainstream.

renature-case-study-bohemia-amsterdamFelipe and Marco during an Urban Agroforestry workshop in Brazil.

Growing need

For reNature, there is a demonstrably growing need in the market for sustainable agriculture and a growing focus on Agroforestry. Keywords within the field of sustainable solutions are also on the rise. These trends are easy to demonstrate with a keyword analysis. 



Those of us in the West have become much more aware of the harmful environmental effects of our lifestyles. reNature's drive to make the agricultural sector more sustainable is expected to be well received. This is – dare we say it – the moment.

Second: Develop a story that transfers.

There is nothing more deadly for your brand than not being able to explain in a few words why you are relevant.

This is not so much about what you deliver, but what makes you relevant. Which problem do you solve, what makes your brand or product indispensable? Your elevator pitch must be transferable. As Simon Sinek states: this is more about the Why and the How than the What. For reNature, we want to combine land use with nature, summarized in the name reNature. Why? We must bring nature back into agriculture.

Marco de Boer came up with the brand name and identity.

The transferability and relevance of the message, as well as the passionate presentation of Felipe Villela plus the Bohemia Amsterdam network contributed to reNature soon being picked up by Christine Gould (TFF) and Kitty Leering (Dutch Blend). Partly thanks to them, reNature was able to put this strategy into effect.


Third: Communicate with a sales mindset.

Think about how you want to grow.

Determine the steps that the buyer persona goes through from "acquaintance" to "purchase" and always focus on the needs of the buyer persona. These steps are independent of which growth phase the brand is in. The content per growth phase is determined by the growth strategy.

boh sales funnel1


It is important to know what challenge makes someone look for you as a brand. What are the Initial Needs that ensure that he or she searches for your solution?


The visitor to the site wants to receive an answer to their Initial Needs. Only when what you offer has value for them, are they willing to leave their details or follow you on social media, for example.


The lead has shown interest in your brand, product or service. Once in contact, it is important to maintain this interest. You must become top-of-mind in your area.


If the first three phases connect smoothly, then - if properly arranged - the final 'sell' is just a matter of time.

Three-stage-to-orbit launch to success.

Successfully developing a brand that builds both a name and value within a certain time means that you work accurately and determine the focus in communication per growth phase.

We developed three steps for reNature: Develop brand awareness, develop trust and develop cases.

Because: without people, there’s no recognition, and no recognition means no projects. That is why we opted for brand development among those indirectly involved (João, the influencer) to convince the ultimate customer (Steve, the decision-maker).


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