Achieving SEO results through a campaign

Achieving SEO results through a campaign

Our client, ITmobile (who after the campaign were purchased by Fleet Complete), is offering a unique solution for construction companies in Belgium. Many of them are affected by new legislation, which obligates them to keep track of all personnel present on a construction site. Large fines loom for companies who do not comply with this new rule, meaning that the administrative departments had a monumental new task ahead of them.

We used the insight that nobody, not even administrative personnel, enjoys even more administrative work. Such a massive increase in workload may even cause them a headache. ITmobile has the solution, but how are we going to reach this tiny group of people that is actually dealing with these problems?

We created a disease. We named it ‘wervositeit’ (werf = construction site, nervositeit = nervousness) or ‘construvosité’ in French.

The formal definition:

wer·vo·si·teit (noun; U)
The undesirable sensation of nervousness caused by additional tasks that have little to do with regular construction activities, such as forced personnel tracking.

We alerted the specialized media, stating that a serious condition, caused by strenuous new legislation, is affecting all construction personnel. When ‘wervositeit’ was picked up, we presented the solution, together with ITmobile. The press picked it up. People were flocking to the only site in the whole wide web that explained the condition. This site naturally led to the problem’s solution, provided by our client. 

The tone of voice was especially important for this campaign. If it became too believable or too offending, we would miss our goal. We would therefore let employees alert their bosses with a tongue-in-cheek email. We would also send out antidotes to the sickness to all the construction companies in the country, complete with humorous instructions. The message: this might relieve your symptoms for a while, but for the long term, we would suggest ITmobile.*

In the end, wervositeit became an actual ‘thing’. We went from 0 results on Google to 842, 7 articles, 2 printed articles, and reaching more than 22,000 twitter followers with tweets containing the hashtag #wervositeit.

This led to a surge of amusing water cooler conversations at construction sites and, of course, a huge spike of interest in our client’s product.

*Unfortunately, Belgian law prohibits companies from sending out drugs (we had aspirin planned) for promotional purposes. We found out just before we printed 7000 boxes. Close call.

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