The local site as the driveway leading the farmer to the main site

The local site as the driveway leading the farmer to the main site

How do you reach farmers in Europe? The Indian company, CEAT Specialty Tyres, is the tyre producer for the agricultural sector. They are conquering the market step by step, country by country. Bohemia Amsterdam developed customised landing pages and campaigns per country.

CEAT Specialty Tyres, the tyre manufacturer for the agricultural sector, has set its sights on the European farmer. CEAT supplies quality tyres for a lower price, ideal for the quality/price conscious European farmer. But how do you reach a farmer whose culture you neither understand nor speak the language of? Bohemia Amsterdam won the pitch to help CEAT conquer the European continent.
You don't conquer Europe in one go, but step by step. You must develop a method that you can use several times over, with a local adaptation such as language and approach. We have opted for a pilot and enroll approach whereby Germany, as a test country, paves the way for the rest of Europe.


Marketing communication based on search behaviour

In the first phase of our method, we always look for the facts. With questions such as 'What is being googled for?' and 'Are there specific outliers in the search behaviour?' or 'What does the Central Bureau of Statistics or the European subsidy distribution say about the financial situation of farmers?' and 'What other players are there in the market and how are they doing business?'

During the introduction, CEAT made it clear that the assignment will mainly focus on setting up a dealer network. After a brief but illuminating keyword analysis, we can make it clear that the farmer himself takes the wheel when it comes to his or her preference for a tyre brand. Alone in Germany, there are more than 30,000 searches per month for tractor tyres. In other words, people search themselves without the direct intervention of a dealer.

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The John Deere Index

The keyword analysis revealed more interesting information. We saw that John Deere is googled quite a lot in Europe. Putting the number of consumers looking for John Deere aside, the number of searches on John Deere is a nice indicator. As a high-end competitor, John Deere is not the cheapest. Keep this in mind together with the number of farmers per country and the number of searches for tractor tyres, and you can estimate the capacity of the average farmer and his interest in the more expensive market segment. As a check you can compare it with the search volume for a second-hand tractors. We developed the John Deere Index as an adaptation of the famous Big Mac Index.

Based on these findings, we wrote a strategy of one landing page for two target groups.


The sale continues during renovation.

In the meantime, CEAT was working on a global website where multiple language versions would be launched for Europe. Experience teaches us that every major renovation requires more time than initially planned. The one landing page per country idea was expanded to a language-bound microsite that also included product information. Bohemia Amsterdam launched the site for Germany with 'We go the extra Acre' as its theme. 

The landing page approach makes it easy to set up an extension per country and customise it completely in the local language. Farmer and dealer are neither distracted nor overwhelmed by a global player.


By placing a "screen" between campaign and site, we have been able to very accurately measure visitor behavior and improve the landing page almost every week without interference from a slow builder or client approval. Result: multiple applications within a month.

The landing page serves as a driveway for farmers and dealers. While searching, they find CEAT. The information about this new tyre brand in Europe is addressed in their language, download materials are available in their language, all without encountering a foreign language anywhere as an obstacle. Once on the driveway, the stretch to the international site is no longer that far away. We have one of the doubts: "Do they speak 'my language'?" already overcome.

Supportive SEA

The regional microsites for Germany, Spain, Great Britain, and France are fueled with Ad campaigns in the corresponding language. With minimal ad costs, the sites reach the right target group and delivered direct leads in the first month.

Our contribution per funnel level



Based on the analyses and the strategy, we developed a microsite per region and fed it with regional banners, prerolls for youtube, and ad campaigns.



We developed a downloadable pdf with the information about the different links in the regional language.




We supported the campaign with re-targeting banners on agriculture websites.


We developed a way to separate the farmer and dealer from the contact request, so that sales directly come into contact with the right person.

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