The power of reNature

The power of reNature

With good branding, you're in the lead. How do you develop a brand, product, or service from scratch? By having a clear analysis, tight strategy, and flawless execution all enter into a symbiosis.

This brand new foundation gathered many fans in the first six months of its existence: 10,000 fans on Facebook, 2,000 followers on Instagram. reNature presented their ideas to World Agroforestry (ICRAF) and Mars Incorporated, and went to work in Indonesia and Brazil.

Together with the Bohemia Amsterdam team, Marco developed the brand of this new non-profit which aims to restore nature with the help of agroforestry.

Agroforestry is Agriculture and Forestry in one.

A technical sidenote: Agroforestry is basically a combination of Agriculture and Forestry. Agroforestry is characterised by the application of multi crop farming together with trees, whereby nature is simulated as much as possible.

The name reNature Foundation

Part of the success is determined by the power of the name. Marco de Boer came up with a name that clearly voices what the foundation stands for. reNature means: Returning to the original state. Because the name has 're-' which refers to going back or doing something again, AND 'Nature' in it, it is directly associated with restoring nature.

The logo of reNature

In the market of nature lovers and people seeking to improve the world, obvious choices include blues, greens, leaf motifs, hands, and circular symbols that refer to help, growth, and improvement. Marco therefore chose to abstain from this route and to go for an abstract gestalt 'carrefour' N instead. The two origami birds allude to the outlines of the N. All colors, fonts, and shapes are hard and man-made to avoid any associations with softness and non-profit.

The brand awareness of reNature

During the first months, the team led by Felipe and Marco worked on brand recognition. This endeavour had the goal of leading to awareness and recognition. This launching strategy has not only led to the accumulation of a large fan base but also to the acquisition of projects.

Growth hacking on relevant topics

Bohemia Amsterdam develops strategies to get buyer personas into the sales funnel. This also applies to non-profits such as reNature and Proefdiervrij. As a starting non-profit such as reNature Foundation, you have to talk about your authenticity and online search behaviour. Knowing that nobody searches for the brand name because it does not yet exist, it makes sense that growth hacking is chosen as a method to get the word out. In growth hacking, the names and keywords that are searched for are processed in blog posts. This strategy delivered more than half of the site visits within the first three months of reNature. This strategy is no longer necessary.

Our Mission is to reNature.

reNature's mission to restore nature is also supported by Bohemia Amsterdam. We can't wait for others to join us in tackling this challenge! It is our common goal to ensure that nature is in balance. Support reNature.

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