Marco de Boer

Marco de Boer

Creative Director & Founder

"My job is to seduce."

The Creative Director and founder of Bohemia Amsterdam, Marco de Boer, bought his first Macintosh over 20 years ago and started the famous Artmiks together with Hugo Kalf. He developed young creative campaigns such as and

Through his experience with hundreds of campaigns, branding assignments and positioning, he is vividly aware of the real strategic challenges that are sometimes less obvious.

Marco de Boer also wrote Big Brand Moments, a manual for marketing communication planning. Big Brand Moments helps you to set up an annual plan so that you have more time to broaden your message and give you and your team tools for continuous and consistent communication.

In line with this, he developed the current Bohemia Model, that has a sole focus to optimise customer journeys.

In addition to Bohemia Amsterdam, he founded the reNature Foundation, which aims to promote agroforestry.

Crystal Knows: "Marco tends to be results-focused and likely thrives in a fast-paced environment that encourages risk."

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